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 The establishment and activation of the system of quality assurance at Alexandria University is the most important priorities of the center, so the university has transferred the Quality Assurance Center, which was established on 28/9/2004 to a Department of Alexandria University in accordance with Resolution No. 516 of 2006 issued by the Central Agency for Organization and Administration on 21/9/2006 in order to ensure the sustainability of the Centre's activities.

From the tasks of the Center is follow-up activities of Quality Assurance units at faculties and institutes of the university through regular meetings with the managers of the units and review their own periodic reports as well as follow-up visits of technical support.

- Overseeing on "Internal Auditing System" at faculties and university institutes and review their own documented reports.

- The work of introductory visits before the accreditation visit from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation.

- Raising awareness of the questionnaire culture at the university level and establish a system to approved standards for the design and analysis of the questionnaire through questionnaires unit of the Centre.

- Provide technical support for the follow-up Quality Assurance Projects and development of higher education(QAAP – QAAP2 - CIQAP – QASP – DSASP – HLCP) through supported mechanisms.

- Awareness campaigns to spread the quality culture and how to apply them to the level of faculty members, assistants and administrative system at the university

-As the application of a comprehensive system of higher education and Research Director to the level of competition (local-regional-international) and to prepare graduates with an integrated and balanced personality, able to work in a group, and acquired skills to learn, and able to like work, and do effective leadership in solving community problems.

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